The Best E Cigarettes

Texas or Florida, it really doesn’t matter where you are – the verdict is in. Ever increasing in popularity, e cigarettes are here to stay for good!

The big boys are just starting to get into the game. So when it comes to electronic cigarettes, if you are looking for the absolute best. The relatively smaller brands that specialize in e cigarettes are where you should focus your research.

The Best E Cigarette Brand

As they say, opinions are like hair… everyone has em’ (well almost everyone). The internet is full of people sharing their opinions about everything and e cigarettes are no exception. If you look around, you will find thousands (if not tens of thousands) of reviews on e cigarettes. I didn’t count them all but there are definitely enough of them to give you a migraine (if you tried to read them all).

On this site, you will find reviews for only a handful of e cigarette companies. That was my intention when I decided to share my experiences.

Here is why…

Being a review-aholic of sorts, when I was looking to get started with e cigarettes. I went through tens of sites and hundreds of reviews to figure out the best brand to try. While I was satisfied with the end results, limiting the amount of options to a few top brands would’ve definitely helped.

So instead of reviewing every single brand of e cigarettes, I made the decision to stick to the only the top few. I spent my time vetting, testing and reviewing the best of the best so you don’t have to go through hundreds of brands.

You may be wondering how these “best brands” were determined?
I know I would. I basically made a spread-sheet and aggregated the number of reviews for each e cig brand I came across. When the process was done, I sorted the list by ratings and got a kit for the 5 most higher rated ones to review. Unfortunately, the reviews are text only at the moment but videos are coming soon.

Just use a link to the right to read the reviews.

E Cigarettes Coupons

Quick Coupons for electronic cigarettes: If you are looking for the BEST possible discounts on one the TOP 5 most popular e cig brands and are short on time here are the details:
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Details about the Coupons & Reviews

Using a coupon towards your investment in an electronic cigarette is a great way to save when starting out. Some of these discount codes can even be used towards ongoing purchases… so for things like cartomizer replacement orders, extra – longer lasting batteries, refill liquids, accessories and such. Although some of the bigger brands are slowly becoming available through local resellers the selection is fairly limited. Most companies officially still operate exclusively online — and as is the case with most online retailers, finding and using coupons is not just super simple but definitely a no nonsense way to save quite a bit on your purchases.

Save Your Money

Of course there is no question that when compared to traditional cigarettes, e cigarettes are a much cheaper option. Here is a cool calculator that will give a rough idea of just how much money you are wasting on regular smokes. And you don’t need me (or anyone else for that matter) to tell you that by using a coupon towards your order, you will save even more. Now when was the last time you got a coupon towards your regular pack of cigarettes?

E Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are a relatively new invention and were first created in China in 2004. Since then they have blown up worldwide and become a legitimate alternative to smoking regular cigarettes.

But why the change?
Well first of all, electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs don’t contain any tar or the myriad other chemicals that are added to cigarettes to preserve them and make them burn consistently. However, they can contain nicotine, the exact same chemical in cigarettes that provide the addictive ‘grip’ that they can have on long time smokers.

But the difference with an e-cig is that there are a number of nicotine strengths to choose from, depending on your unique needs. So if you’re using them to try quit smoking, then you should start with a stronger one and slowly wean yourself off them with less and less nicotine-heavy options over time.

Try doing that with a regular cigarette!

And of course if you just like smoking but don’t want to harm your body with nicotine, then you can stick to the 0% nicotine e-liquids that are available. Then there’s also the issue of smoking in public spaces which most major cities have now clamped down on quite heavily. But thankfully electronic cigarettes do not produce smoke. It might look like they do, but the fact is the smoke you see from an e-cig is actually water vapor, so there’s no harm if someone nearby inhales it.

Electronic cigarettes use vaporising technology so instead of burning tobacco. A mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin is heated to a very high temperature until it boils and turned to steam. This means that no matter how much you ‘vape’, your furniture, your car and your best clothes won’t have that lingering smokey smell on them afterwards.

Plus you don’t need an ashtray on hand constantly to discard the ash that would otherwise be produced. You can vape in public places like restaurants, bars, hotels, offices and even coffee shops – no more popping out for a smoke in the cold for your fix. In addition they won’t stain your teeth and there are no butts to throw away, making them a much more environmentally-friendly alternative.

Then of course there’s the cost.

When compared head-to-head with normal cigarettes, e-cigarettes provide on average around 80% in savings over the long term. Sure, the upfront investment is a lot higher, but this pales in comparison to how much the ongoing costs are.

Also, there’s an almost endless variety of flavors available from apple, cherry, chocolate, coffee, cherry, vanilla, tobacco, maple, strawberry and many, many more. If you can think of a flavor, chances are it’s out there for e-cigs.

But if you don’t like the idea of attracting stares by puffing on some silver, futuristic gadget, many manufacturers now offer very realistic models that will easily pass for a regular cigarette at first glance. They’re the same size, shape and some even have an orange tip that glows when you inhale. Obviously if it’s properly inspected you can tell it’s electronic, but for most public situations you won’t feel out of place at all.

Most electronic cigarettes are made from 3 parts: the cartridge, the atomizer and of course, the battery. The cartridge is the part closest to your mouth and is where the e-liquid is added. Then, if your model is an automatic version, once air flow is detected from your inhaling, the atomizer switches on, heating up the e-liquid converting it into vapor.

In a manual version there is no air flow detector. Here you have to manually switch the atomizer on by clicking a button on the e-cig. This style of design allows you to create much bigger draws of vapor since you have total control of the timing and duration of both.

In the early days of e-cigs not many people were using them because they were expensive, really large, had terrible battery life and the flavors were bad. But now that’s all changed with many companies reinvesting in research and development to constantly improve their products. So now, along with the help of the exposure provided by the many Hollywood celebrities snapped using them, they are finally entering the mainstream.

Chances are you’ve seen someone vaping with them or even have a friend that uses one. They’re a much more accepted and normal part of every day life and culture now. And that’s a great thing, because they truly are a much better alternative to smoking regular paper and tobacco cigarettes in almost every way. And that’s why I decided to create this website, to let you know which are the good brands out there and which are not.

E-Cigarette Coupons

Here’s a quick summary of the top 5 brands featured on this site. We have also included the best possible coupons for each e-cigarette brand:

South Beach Smoke
There’s a very good reason why South Beach Smoke are the number one e-cig brand in the world right now. While not perfect, they are the closest to it that I’ve seen so far. Everything is either good or great – from their flavors, packaging, support, marketing, vapor production, parts quality and even the customizations on offer. Everything is on point and they deserve the top spot most deservedly. Check out the full review here and use our coupon ‘ZZZ’ through this link to get a full X% off all of their starter kits.

Eversmoke is a solid performer in most categories that we judge an e-cig on. We really like their service, flavors and performance a lot. The only real downside worth commenting on is that their range of flavors is very small compared to their competitors. While the flavors themselves are excellent, there just aren’t enough of them since most e-cig brands now offer a seemingly endless range to their customers. However, we still have no problem recommending them, especially if you don’t need a bunch of wacky flavors anyway. Check out the full review here and use our coupon ‘ZZZ’ through this link to get a full X% off all of their starter kits.

White Cloud
White Cloud are the undisputed Rolls Royce of the e-cig game. Their quality and vaping experience cannot be touched by almost any other brand to date. But with their crazy-high performance comes a pretty high price too. Perhaps a little too high for most people in the market for an e-cig. And this is why they’re not in the top spot on our list. But if price is not an issue for you, then they are your best best, without a doubt. Check out the full review here and use our coupon ‘ZZZ’ through this link to get a full X% off all of their starter kits.

V2 Cigs
V2 Cigs are no slouch either when it comes to delivering a great product to the market and at a great price. Their vapor production, durability and looks are all there. However, their one flaw are their flavors. While still decent, they’re not the best out there and for that reason we couldn’t give them a full 5 stars. Check out the full review here and use our coupon ‘ZZZ’ through this link to get a full X% off all of their starter kits.

Apollo has a lot going for it as a company. For one they allow you to refill your cartomizers without affecting your warranty which is awesome. I wish more companies offered this. Plus they have a huge, truly excellent range of tank products which I highly recommend to everyone. However, when compared to the brands above, the overall feel of their products is ever-so-slightly ‘cheap’ to the touch. Not enough to make you gasp in shock but enough to notice it when you’ve experienced other brands. Check out the full review here and use our coupon ‘ZZZ’ through this link to get a full X% off all of their starter kits.

So feel free to check out the full reviews for each of these brands, choose one for yourself and get started with your new, ash free – vaping lifestyle!